Iwan Parta, S.H., M.Ag.

Iwan Parta, S.H., M.Ag.

Mediator | Paralegal, Suporting, Assisstance, And Research Social Problems

He is a social specialist who resolves various social conflicts, family, business and indigenous peoples issues. By combining social communication skills and philosophical approaches, he has experienced in resolving several conflicts including between indigenous peoples and plantation companies, between communities and property developers, between indigenous peoples and individual land authorities.

Current Position:

Program Director Harmony Alam Indonesia

Program Manager azlaw-conflictresolution.com

Teaching Experience:

  • Mediator Certification Training for PT. Bumi Suksesindo, Banyuwangi
  • Mediator Certification Training for Justitia Training Center
  • Mediator Certification Training for Pusat Mediasi Nasional
  • Mediator Certification Training for PURAKA Pusat Resolusi Konflik
  • Mediator Certification Training for Borneo Orangutang Survival (BOS) Foundation
  • Mediator Certification Training for Australia Indonesia Partnership Justice (AIPJ)
  • Mediator Certification Training for Coordination Team for Handling Social and Land Conflicts in the Plantation Sector in East Kutai Regency with GIZ.
  • Paralegal Training Trainer and Conflict Resolution in peat restoration efforts in 3 cities with Kemitraan Partnership.
  • Mediator Certification Training for BAWASLU RI

Mediation Experience

  • Facilitator for mapping of tenure conflicts in the working area of UPTD KPH III Aceh.
  • Mediator in the mediation process of Conflict between Indigenous Peoples and Palm Oil Companies in Padang, West Sumatra.
  • Formulation of Conflict Resolution/Mediation Strategy in KPH Lakitan Bukit Cogong Lubuk Linggau – Sum Sel.
  • Mediator in Mediation process of conflicts between Indigenous Peoples and palm oil companies in Papua.
  • and mediation of other dispute resolutions such as property, inheritance and property.

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